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German Desk

German Desk

We have been providing services to German-speaking Clients for 10 years. We familiarized ourselves with their needs and expectations, we keep track of the differences between Polish and German tax systems. Working to meet the demanding German standards regarding timeliness and transparency of reporting, we aim at maintaining constructive and satisfying cooperation. 

As part of German Desk, we offer: 

  • advice in the choice of the most profitable form of taxation 

  • accounting services for companies with German capital share 

  • advice related to the tax effects of various forms of financing subsidiaries in Poland 

  • preparing transfer pricing documentation between related parties with their seats in Poland and Germany 

  • advice concerning VAT, through which we: 

    • - answer the question whether an entrepreneur is obligated to register in Poland as a taxpayer 

    • - inform whether a business activity in Poland meets the conditions to be considered as               consignment warehouse  

    • - register an entity as a Polish VAT taxpayer 

    • - keep VAT registers and file VAT tax returns 

    • - represent foreign taxpayers before the Second Tax Office Warszawa – Śródmieście during proceedings regarding the correctness of Polish VAT settlement or Polish VAT tax refund

  • advice concerning double taxation avoidance agreement, within which we: 

    • - answer the question whether business activity in Poland results in forming permanent establishment as defined in art. 5 of the double taxation avoidance agreement 

    • - attribute profits and expenses to the permanent establishment following the arm’s length principle (art. 7 of the double taxation avoidance agreement) 

    • - advise on the taxation of expats 

    • - prepare yearly tax returns for natural persons with unlimited tax liability in one country and limited tax liability in another – taking into consideration the provisions of the double tax avoidance agreement).

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