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    About us

    We are Tax Advisors, Scientists and Managers with very extensive experience from both the private and state sectors.
    We have participated in the creation, restructuring and operational management of large capital groups. In addition, we have wide-ranging experience in the valuation of businesses, projects and intangible assets, for capital transactions.


    Acknowledgement from SME Ombudsman for assistance in the framework of developing cooperation between science and business

    04th June 2024
    Last Tuesday, the President of our company, Mr. Pawel Kossecki, was invited to a ceremony on the occasion of Entrepreneur's Day, during which Mr. Adam Abramowicz - Ombudsman for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises - presented him with thanks for his cooperation in building a bridge between science and business within the framework of the Scientific Council of the Ombudsman.

    Issues of the cooperation between academia and business are particularly important in today's dynamic world, where the key to success is innovation and the creation of solutions that respond to real market needs. Conducting market research, analyzing the results and correlations, and successively implementing them can greatly stimulate market development. This is why close cooperation between those in the world of science, who expand the stock of knowledge, and entrepreneurs, who are able to transform this knowledge into practical products and services, plays such an important role.

    Report on the event  "Taxes and Innovation"  

    25th May 2024 

    Last Thursday (23.05.2024) on the profile (on LinkedIn) of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Science and Technology (UMK) there was a broadcast of the event entitled  "Taxes and Innovation". The event was part of the next edition of the series of , "Business Breakfast" carried out by BIZNESHUB operating at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management of UMK. This time it was representatives of our company Kossecki Tax Planning who were able to share their expert knowledge during the live broadcast. 

    Among the issues discussed, there was no shortage of factual knowledge, trivia and practical tips on accounting for tax credits and implementing innovations in the tax consulting office. During the meeting, our experts also introduced the audience to a new proprietary IT tool dedicated to conducting transfer pricing benchmarking analysis.

    Link to the broadcast:


    Invitation to online event "Taxes and innovation"

    23rd May 2024

    "Taxes and innovation", or a few words on the topic of allowances supporting innovative activities in enterprises and on the use of modern IT technologies in the process of conducting benchmarking analysis.

    When? May 23, 2024
    At what time? 9:30
    Where? Live streaming of the meeting on LinkedIn of WNEIZ UMK

    (Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences) available at the link:

    The implementation of many interesting and useful innovations in the modern world is becoming more common every day. For several years now, there has been a legal provision that allows entrepreneurs to deduct credits dedicated to innovation and development activities, i.e. R&D credits, Innovation Box credits, Innovative Worker credits, as well as expansion credits. These, as well as other tax solutions, are not yet well known in the business community not only in Poland, but also abroad. They can bring many benefits to businesses, from encouraging their owners to innovate in their ventures to reducing costs from such activities.

    In addition, the meeting will discuss conducting benchmarking analysis using a new proprietary IT tool. Benchmarking analysis is extremely important for entities preparing transfer pricing documentation (except for micro and small companies), as it is a mandatory part of this process. An efficient and intuitive tool can support companies that perform such analysis.

    From the meeting you will get to know:


    • what is the essence and importance of reliefs supporting innovation in companies


    • what are the examples of types of innovation in companies eligible for reliefs


    • what are the advantages of accounting for reliefs


    • what innovations can be introduced in a tax consulting firm


    • how to practically and successfully use modern IT tools in a tax consulting firm for benchmarking analysis.

    Meeting with the Minister of Finance Andrzej Domański 

    26th March 2024 
    Representatives of our company participated in a very interesting event on new concepts to the legislative changes proposed by the Ministry of Finance and their role in future plans. The guest speaker was Andrzej Domanski, CFA of Finance, who has been in office since 2023. During the event, the Minister discussed key issues related to investment in the development of Polish companies, emphasizing their international character. He particularly emphasized the importance of Polish-German cooperation, noting the significant participation of German investors in current investment projects.

    The event was organized by the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


    Conference "Taxes - insurance - entrepreneurship" in Biała Podlaska

    18th March 2024